Green Hill Primary School Bury

Workshop was delivered in a very clear, structured way with lots of questioning opportunities and most importantly, lots of hands on investigations. The workshop has deepend and developed my knoweledge to teach the subject.


St Peters Smithills Bolton

Just fantastic! For the children to have access to such well made circuit boards means they are all constantly involved. The children were constantly challenged and their understanding of the topic is enhanced by having this day.


Heyhouses Primary School Lytham St Annes

A fantastic day! The children leave primary school with an excellent foundation in electricity and investigative work. A great start to High School. Fabulous circuit boards used. Excellent safety DVD and children made aware of careers which could be entered into when older. (Y6)


Russell Scott Primary Denton

The children were engaged all day, they listened really well as there was a good mix of sharing information, demonstrating and hands on experimenting. There were lots of moments were the children squealed with delight! (Y4)


Queen's Drive Primary Fulwood

Content is very comprehensive and ensures full coverage of what we need. Activities are engaging and practical and vary in range. Very well resourced and workbook supported learning well. (Y4)


Helen Bannister Eccleston St Mary’s

Subject knowledge of tutor and delivery raised my confidence and gave me ideas and motivation to teach the topic. Children well motivated and engaged. Teaching was delivered in an organised and logical way that appealed to children and very practical! Related well to real life examples and situations. Activity book and safety DVD excellent.


“Enjoyable learning is encouraged through team working and a structured problem solving process with simple recording of investigations.”

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