Why Book?

Why Book?

All children were motivated, and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Content matched curriculum unit with a brilliant range of resources, questions and good pace of delivery

  • Enhances the KS2 National Curriculum Science and delivers the electricity/safety topic in one day
  • Increases motivation and enthusiasm in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) subjects, at a young and formative age, through a curriculum based programme
  • Helps teachers gain confidence in teaching the electricity topic
  • Encourages interest and raises awareness of engineering and science as a career choice.

Why pay for expensive coaches and entrance fees when Bright Sparks can be delivered in your classroom in one practical learning day?

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Flexible day depending on year group

  • That everyday appliances use electricity (mains/battery);these include things that light up, heat up, produce sounds and move
  • That everyday appliances are connected to the mains and they must be used safely
  • That some devices use batteries which supply electricity; these can be used safely
  • That the scientific term for a single 1.5v battery is a cell
  • To make connections in circuits to the positive and negative poles of the battery
  • To make a complete circuit using a battery, wires and bulbs; including a circuit using a buzzer and motor
  • Explore how to make a bulb light, explaining what happened and using drawings to present results ( INCLUDE explanation of connections on a bulb without bulb holder)

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Expected Outcomes

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of electrical components and circuits, as outlined above in the learning objectives
  • Confident handling of electrical components and raised awareness of safety issues with electricity
  • Able to draw conclusions and improve problem solving skills in the context of practical activities
  • Understanding of the electricity network from the power station to our homes, schools and businesses

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Personal skills

Raises awareness of engineering and science as a career choice
Helps teachers gain confidence in teaching the electricity topic.

  • Increasing motivation and enthusiasm for science
  • Working with partner/s, learning to work in a team


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“Enjoyable learning is encouraged through team working and a structured problem solving process with simple recording of investigations.”

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